Major Initiatives

A changing landscape


Mobile… Social… Cloud... Information... 

These four intertwined factors are advancing at such a rapid pace that one leading IT research firm is calling them… The Nexus of Forces.  (Gartner ~June 2012)


Technology is changing the way we live and the way we work.  Consumers are buying the latest technology (and services) and bringing them into the workplace.   Collaboration, 

International initiatives, MOOCs and the Khan Academy require us to think about access to information for everyone, anywhere, anytime; while regulations such as export control require limited access to a few.


Change? Yes. Opportunities?Absolutely!


2014-2015 Initiatives Include


Mobile Computing.


Cloud Services.   ITS is exploring Internet2 Net+ Services. Net+ Services is offered by Internet 2 and is the outcome of their partnership with some of the nation’s most prominent high-tech firms such as Dell, Microsoft and HP to expedite the delivery of cloud services to universities for research and big data. Utilizing cloud services can provide flexibility to increase or decrease storage and other services as needed without large capital investments.  


Federated Identity Management.  ITS will leverage its InCommon membership. In 2012, UNMC became an InCommon member which offers trusted services to higher education institutions and research organization. As a member of InCommon UNMC can expand single sign-on convenience and privacy protection to other members enabling faculty to use their UNMC ID and password to access resources such as Internet2 and the National Institute of Health. ITS plans to expand its InCommon participation to other government, higher education and federation members. 


Social.   ITS will explore technologies such as SharePoint in the cloud to provide a professional Facebook type collaboration experience.