BlackBerry 10 Smart Phone Setup

Adding an ActiveSync Enabled Account on Your BlackBerry 10 Smartphone

Adding an ActiveSync enabled email account to your BlackBerry 10 smartphone is simple and straightforward.

    1. While viewing the home screen, swipe down from the top of the screen
    2. Select Settings > Accounts
      • If this is your first account, select the Advanced icon that appears along the bottom toolbar.
      • If you have other accounts already, select Add Account followed by selecting Advanced
    3. Select Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync from the Advanced Setup options (for all ActiveSync based accounts regardless of mail platform)
    4. Enter in the required information, which includes:
      • Description
      • Domain (unmc_domain, unmcphysicians or olympus)
      • Username
      • Email Address (full email address –
      • Password (use your current email password)
      • Server Address (
      • Port (443 by default)

Note: optional fields include Description, toggles for SSL, VPN, and Push, as well as the Sync Timeframe.

5.      Tap Next to finish configuring the account, and then tap Done.