Appropriate Use

Know the Rules -- Executive Summary for Appropriate Use

Do not share your unique log on credentials with anyone, nor use another's log on credentials.

Encrypt all mobile devices. 

Access to email is a privilege, not a right.

  • Email is intended for University purposes primarily.
  • Email privacy cannot be guaranteed.
  • Use common sense and appropriate email etiquette.
  • Delete unnecessary email messages regularly.
  • UNMC will comply with any administrative or judicial order for disclosure of electronic files.
  • Accounts may be accessed by ITS if an act of misuse has occurred and potential damage to information systems is possible.
  • UNMC may restrict access to email or other computing resources due to misuse.
  • Sending out emails to large numbers of users is discouraged. If you have an event to publicize or an announcement to deliver to all students or staff, contact the Student Senate President stupres@unmc.edufor students and UNMC Public Relations for staff..
  • Remember, appears on all outgoing messages from Lotus Notes. Be careful how you represent UNMC using your email account.

If you witness a security incident (pornography on UNMC equipment, unauthorized access, theft, or anything else of a suspicious nature), report it to the ITS Helpdesk 559-7700 or Campus Security at 559-5111.