Apple App Purchases

Apple Apps Purchases for UNMC Work Related Purposes

Contact Kim Strohbehn at 9-5678 or with questions.

Three things are required to make a UNMC Apple App purchase

  1. Approval from the UNMC Controller's Office to use your current pCard for a one-time Apple App purchase; or request a special pCard only for Apple App purchases.
    1.  Contact the UNMC Controller's Office for pCard rules and exceptions.
  2. UNMC Volume Purchase Program Facilitator account (Contact
  3. Shared email account to be used in conjunction with the facilitator account  (Contact

Customer Responsibilities

  1. Follow UNMC Purchasing pCard exception/approva/reconcilation process for your App purchases. 
  2. Verify you are purchasing the correct  number of licenses to be in compliance with Apple licensing (read the small print)
  3. Track apps according to purchasing procedures (to be identified by purchasing).
  4. Safeguard the Volume Purchase Program Facilitator account. This is considered a ‘service’ account and may only be shared with others for backup and workflow purposes, but should not be widely distributed. As an example, it should not be given to all department employees.
  5. Manage purchased apps on department owned devices.

ITS Responsibilities

  1. Upon request, ITS will set up a shared email account and a UNMC Volume Purchase Program Facilitator account
  2. Communicates initial log-in information to customer

UNMC Purchasing Responsibilities

  1. Establishes all guidelines for pCard purchases and answers related questions