File Transfers (large files)

Personnel at UNMC occasionally need to transfer very large data files to or from people or organizations outside of UNMC. While small files can be transferred via email, very large files often exceed the size limitations imposed by many email systems. Other methods, such as physically sending CD’s or DVD’s may be too slow and can present significant security exposure.

UNMC is using a software package named MOVEit DMZ to provide a mechanism to safely and securely transfer data files (and particularly large data files) to and from outside (non‐UNMC) parties. The package allows users to employ web browsers and FTP clients to easily exchange files over encrypted connections using a variety of protocols. Basically, the system allows users to upload and download files to and from a securely encrypted personal folder. Files placed in the folder are automatically deleted after 30 days. While the system provides a wide range of features and options, this document focuses only on two tasks:

            1) Making a document available for an “outside” user to retrieve

            2) Creating a secure space for an “outside” user to put a file for you to retrieve.

To start using the MOVEit system for either of these tasks, launch your favorite browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and go to the following web site:


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