IRB Education Series

Upcoming IRB Education Series Lectures

UNMC - Sorrell 1005 from 12-1(Lunch Provided) - Click HERE for full flier

OCTOBER 28 - Early Access to Investigational Drugs: Lessons from Ebola

NOVEMBER 25 - In Vitro Diagnostic Devices: What the Heck is That and How Do I Know If I Know If I Am Using One In My Study?

DECEMBER 9 - Business Associate Agreements, Data Use Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements

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*Livestream at rtsp:// You must have RealPlayer and QuickTime to access the livestream. For technical issues, call (402) 559-8090. These sessions are also archived. Click "Archived Presentations" on the left side of the "Research Resources/Education" tab.


UNO - Community Engagement Center (CEC) from 12-1(Lunch Provided) - Click HERE for full flier

NOVEMBER 18 (CEC 201) - Ethical Research Hinges on an Acceptable Risk/Benefit Relationship

DECEMBER 2 (CEC 231) - Informed Consent: Process, Documents and Waivers, Oh My!

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