Pulmonary, Critical Care, Sleep & Allergy

UNMC Critical Care Medicine

UNMC ICU Resident Rotation

This rotation offers opportunity for management of critically ill patients, working closely in a team with a pulmonary and critical care fellow and attending physician. There are generally 5-6 residents on the team and taking overnight call in turn. Each resident will care for up to 5-6 patients per day in three different multidisciplinary closed units. Some patients may be located in an adjacent step-down unit which is also covered by the team. Clinical expectations include primary responsibility for all patients assigned to their care, writing a note each day on their patients to be cosigned attending physician, active participation on rounds, and performing procedures under the supervision of the fellow or attending.

NO vacation may be taken during this rotation so residents should plan accordingly.

Learning objectives for this rotation may be found in the detailed description below. The resident will be enrolled in a Blackboard Critical Care Medicine Course and will be expected to complete the pre-test within the first week and the post-test prior to the end of the rotation, to read all the CCM educational material posted on Blackboard and to attend scheduled didactic lectures.


Ventilator & Respiratory Protocol: Brad Matthiessen

Nutrition: Barbara Robertson, R.N.

Mechanical Ventilation: Craig Piquette, M.D.

Airway Management: James Sullivan, M.D.

Septic Shock/Mechanical Ventilation: Peter Murphy, M.D.

Shock/Hemodynamics: Joe Sisson, M.D.

Standard ICU Practice, etc: Delayne Peterson, P.A.