Eppley Inst Info Tech Munroe/Meyer RESEARCH


Chapman Denise M 5 Academic Affairs
Moore Meghan L 5 Academic Records
Reineke Patricia R 5 Academic Services
Bolamperti Michaela 15 Youth Learning Center
Carritt Trevor Lee 15 Chemical and Radiation Sa
Paulsen Gail A 15 Institutional Review Boar
Spencer Linda D 15 Academic Services
Cox Pamela 20 Chemical and Radiation Sa
Gramps Jeanette L 20 Institutional Review Boar
Imhoff Marnie 5 Clinical Laboratory Scien
O'Neil Patricia A 5 Allied Health-Hlth Serv A
Higgins Frances H 10 Allied Health-Hlth Serv A
Landon Diane K 30 Physician Assistant
Boyce Margaret A 5 HR EE Relations & Org Dev
Cook Adam P 5 Advanced Clinical Applica
Dayton Jerrie L 5 General Supply
Dykstra Brian D 5 FMP-Architecture/Engineer
Ewing David L 5 Security Office
Feezell Kathryn G 5 Budget Analysis & Financi
Fry John M 5 Mail Services
Gilbert James H 5 FMP-Controls
Gude Jeffrey L 5 Security Office
Hovinga Aaron T 5 Security Office
Knopik Nicholas J 5 FMP-Architecture/Engineer
Michel Joni J 5 Human Resources
Miedl Jr George S 5 FMP-Carpenters
Nelson Ronald J 5 FMP-Architecture/Engineer
Ortmann Janet M 5 HR Benefits
Pruch Mary 5 Printing Services
Sedlak Hali M 5 Procurement
Solon Anita L 5 Business and Finance
Starkey Angelica 5 Advanced Clinical Applica
Sudyka Joseph M 5 Security Office
Veneck Michael J 5 FMP-Preventive/Bldg Maint
Walsh Matthew E 5 FMP-Carpenters
White Eric 5 Printing Services
Zhu Yanyan 5 Sponsored Programs Accoun
Faber Michael C 10 FMP-Architecture/Engineer
Green Ronald A 10 Security Office
Howard Richard S 10 FMP-Administration
Malik Kim A 10 Mail Services
Patterson Conrad R 10 Security Office
Poppleton Adam L 10 FMP-Central Utilities
Renner Tina W 10 Security Office
Rhoades Kenneth E 10 Security Office
Bohac Regina Marie 15 Sponsored Programs Accoun
Gulizia Jolene K 15 Printing Services
Nekuda Jayme D 15 HR EE Benefits & Work Lif
Schuldt Joel Anthony 15 Security Office
Spencer Tina Louise 15 Bookstore & Parking Servi
Clark Joseph M 20 FMP-Preventive/Bldg Maint
Hathaway Laneita J 20 Mail Services
Henry Lana K 20 HR Child Development Cent
Homan Theresa Marie 20 HR Child Development Cent
Larsen Sandra Jean 20 HR Child Development Cent
Risavi Susan J 20 HR Child Development Cent
Saadat Stacey R 20 HR Child Development Cent
Stejskal Kathy R 20 HR Child Development Cent
Straub Paul F 20 FMP-Architecture/Engineer
Swan Kristin A 20 HR Child Development Cent
Wenninghoff Scott R 20 Security Office
Cohrs Geralynne 25 Mail Services
Kelly Linda Lea 25 Mail Services
Wessling Denise R 25 FMP-Administration
Carter Barbara A 30 Accounts Payable
Kalasky Mark R 30 FMP-Central Utilities
Russell John P 30 Human Resources
Swanson Jack P 30 Furniture Stores
Van Oeveren Bert 30 Business Services
Hammel Lana R 35 Procurement
Jespersen Kevin D 35 FMP-Central Utilities
Leslie Sandra L 35 HR Employee Relations
Morien Marsha E 35 Computer Assisted Surgery
Powell Ronnie W 35 FMP-Refrigeration
Svanda Gary 40 Security Office
Brown Charles D 5 Public Relations
Carson Jillian L 5 Public Relations
Niebaum Leah Kaye 5 International Health & Me
Spellman Lisa M 5 Public Relations
Baker Kathleen R 5 COD-Oral Biology
Dekker Donna J 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Frisch Nyla J 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Grap Gayle L 5 COD-Growth and Developmen
Greenwald Keri K 5 COD-Dental Administration
Gregg Kathy R 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Johnson Veronica A 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Koehn Theresa A 5 COD-University Dental Ass
Leidig Julie K 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Massey Rhonda K 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Poskochil Genevieve E 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Remmers DeeAnn L 5 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Armstrong Susan K 10 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Okwumuo SaBrina 10 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Simons Beverly J 10 COD-Growth and Developmen
Svoboda Robert A 10 COD-Oral Biology
VanDerslice Sherry L 10 COD-University Dental Ass
Charles Rita M 15 COD-Dental Hygiene
Pettit Pamela J 15 COD-University Dental Ass
Tatum Susan D 15 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Wilke Donna S 15 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Mc Coy Susan J 20 COD-Surgical Specialties
Valverde DeAnn L 30 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Hergenrader Pamela J 35 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Hulsebusch Beverly J 40 COD-Dental Administration
Sieber Margaret B 40 COD-Lincoln Clinic Admini
Akers James P 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Aldrich Amy L 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Bartling Amanda M 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Bentley Judy L 5 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Bethea Micki T 5 Psychiatry
Boothby Kristin L 5 Surgery-Transplant
Chamberlain Carolyn S 5 Pediatrics Administration
Davis Kristi K 5 Pediatrics Gastroenterolo
Deerson Kelly M 5 Emergency Medicine
Heybrock Hope E 5 Surgery-Transplant
Hrbek Jennifer A 5 Int Med Infectious Diseas
Hudson Terica L 5 Int Med DEM
Iwanski Sarah A 5 Pediatrics Pulmonology
Jones Jocelyn 5 Cellular/Integrative Phys
Klein Deborah A 5 Radiology
Kodad Andrea R 5 Surgery-Transplant
Leba Tam 5 Pharmacology/Exp Neurosci
Li Hong 5 Pharmacology/Exp Neurosci
Liu Jin-Ping 5 Biochem and Molecular Bio
Ludwig Bryan M 5 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
McFadden Gregory A 5 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
McIntyre Erin M 5 Radiology
Mill LuAnn J 5 Pediatrics Cardiology
Mobley Jennifer A 5 Pediatrics Neurology
Nelson Amy J 5 Int Med Pulmonary
Oberlander Patricia E 5 Family Medicine
Perrett Kathleen A 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Raymer Alecia L 5 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Rhodes Lydia J 5 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Rossman Emily E 5 Surgery-General Surgery
Rothgeb Kimberly A 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Schwahn Bryan M 5 Anesthesiology
Shen Xiaoling 5 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Skrypnik Larisa I 5 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Sorenson Hannah 5 Psychiatry
Stepanek Kay Marie 5 Anesthesiology
Tajouri Carol 5 Psychiatry
Tolbert-Jones Kimberly A 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Weisenburger Joel N 5 Orthopaedic Surgery
Wieting Laurie L 5 Pathology/Microbiology
Xu Lirong 5 Cellular/Integrative Phys
Ahl Kerry A 10 Surgery-Plastic&Reconstru
Ambrose Nancy K 10 Pediatrics Metabolism
Bauer Linda K 10 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Bynote Kimberly K 10 Genetics Cell Biology & A
Carstens Patricia K 10 Dean College of Medicine
Cave Linda F 10 FACT
El-Hajjar Dana F 10 Pathology/Microbiology
Fliege Jill D 10 Int Med Pulmonary
Gerhardt Brandi K 10 Surgery-Transplant
Hill-Polerecky Diane M 10 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Hogue Renee A 10 Surgery-Plastic&Reconstru
Hoskinson Michelle P 10 Int Med GI
Husted Joan A 10 Continuing Education
Jaynes Anita C 10 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Jennings Margaret A 10 Pathology/Microbiology
Katafiasz Dawn M 10 Biochem and Molecular Bio
Lachel Cynthia M 10 Pathology/Microbiology
Litel-Smith Sarah L 10 FACT
Liu Xuefei 10 Cellular/Integrative Phys
Maroon Anna Marie A 10 Continuing Education
Meyer Dana M 10 Orthopaedic Surgery
Porter Elizabeth 10 Psychiatry
Rauschenberg Leni 10 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Retallick Cynthia M 10 Lions Eye Bank
Rigley Theodore H 10 Surgery-Transplant
Schott Patricia A 10 Int Med Geriatrics
Severe Kristine R 10 Ob/Gyn Maternal Care Prgm
Smith Rita J 10 Family Medicine
Taylor Sebrina D 10 Int Med Infectious Diseas
Therrien Stacey L 10 Int Med Cardiology
Yannone Shannon M 10 Surgery-Transplant
Andersen Deborah Ann 15 Surgery-Transplant
Byar Katherine L 15 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Carlson Rodney A 15 Int Med General Medicine
Cobos Daniel G 15 Int Med Infectious Diseas
Glidden Timothy P 15 Anesthesiology
Harrison Barbara Jean 15 Psychiatry
Hunter Tina S 15 Radiology
Nusser-Gerlach Margaret A 15 Int Med Nephrology
Ortman Shirley M 15 Anesthesiology
Perley Elizabeth E 15 Surgery-Research
Ramsey Heather D 15 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Rheault Tracy A 15 Surgery-Cardiovascular&Th
Sater Karen L 15 Surgery-General Surgery
Secora Sharon K 15 Dean College of Medicine
Spearow Joyce A 15 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Bally Lisa R 20 Continuing Education
Borgeson Claudia D 20 Clinical Research Center
Capadano Mary E 20 Int Med GI
Coyne Donald F 20 Int Med Administration
Danielsen Jeanette 20 Int Med Pulmonary
Davis Debra 20 Cellular/Integrative Phys
Hald David L 20 Dean's Business Office
Jin Gongliang 20 Surgery-Transplant
McArthur-Miller Delores A 20 Psychiatry
Olson Tamra S 20 Pediatrics Hematology/Onc
Petersen Kathleen A 20 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Pirruccello Carmen 20 Lions Eye Bank
Runco Lisa D 20 Int Med Administration
Sterling Hayden D 20 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Talmadge Catherine B 20 FACT
Vierregger Deborah Ann 20 Obstetrics/Gynecology
Wedergren Susan C 20 Surgery-General Surgery
Balsano Jean M 25 Int Med Administration
Bergman Debra A 25 Int Med Rheumatology
Christensen Kecia A 25 Surgery-Transplant
Kellogg Anna M 25 Surgery-Transplant
King Debra L 25 Psychiatry
Melliger David C 25 Radiology
Nussrallah Carolyn J 25 Int Med Pulmonary
Schmit-Pokorny Kimberly A 25 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Siebler Susan Jane 25 Orthopaedic Surgery
Swanson Paula R 25 Surgery-General Surgery
Wiese Sandra L 25 Pharmacology/Exp Neurosci
Bargar Tom W 30 Genetics Cell Biology & A
Bessette Diane M 30 Psychiatry
Fitzgerald Ann P 30 Int Med Infectious Diseas
Irons Sandra K 30 Pathology/Microbiology
Mc Caffrey Shelly T 30 Anesthesiology
VonDollen Kathleen A 30 Ophthalmology and Visual
Moragues Margaret A 35 Int Med Oncology/Hematolo
Rohrberg Mary Kay 35 Surgery-Neurosurgery
Barrier John A 5 CON-Omaha
Oestmann Susan M 5 CON-Lincoln
Saucier Michele A 5 CON-Lincoln
Buescher Colleen M 10 CON-Omaha
Lara-Ramirez Ana G 10 CON-Community-Based Healt
Oberdorfer Maureen K 10 CON-Community-Based Healt
Reed Jill R 10 CON-Kearney
Feldman Diane G 15 CON-Kearney
Wass Alan R 15 CON-Omaha
Thewke Jill L 20 CON-Omaha
Marchand Marian Y 30 CON-Student Services
Hallgren Jill A 5 COPH Rural Health Educati
Lind Amanda S 5 COPH Health Services Res
Tschirren Jessica B 5 COPH Office of Educationa
Watkins Katherine L 5 COPH Epidemiology
Jurgens Tricia S 10 COPH Health Services Res
Rayamajhi Atul 10 COPH Office of the Dean
Turpin Maureen E 10 COPH Health Services Res
Byrne Steven M 15 COPH Rural Health Educati
Houston Wayne 15 COPH Health Disparities
Lyden Elizabeth Ruby 20 COPH Biostatistics
Whitney-Jackson Aura E 30 COPH Health Disparities
Neff Fran L 35 COPH Health Services Res
Eppley Inst
Feng Jianmin 5 Eppley Inst Research
Kueh Alice S 5 Eppley Inst Research
Anderson Judy M 10 Eppley Inst Research
Goodrich William I 10 Eppley Inst Administratio
Griffith Debra J 10 Eppley Inst Administratio
Jackson Darcy C 10 Eppley Inst Administratio
Plate Cynthia J 10 Eppley Inst Administratio
Sehi Eugene D 10 Eppley Inst Research
Sherman Alexander 10 Eppley Inst Research
Triplett Aleata A 10 Eppley Inst Research
Kolar Carol 25 Eppley Inst Research
Info Tech
Oberdin John J 5 ITS Video Services
Ryba Jason P 5 ITS Video Services
Busby Steven C 10 ITS Network/Technical Ser
Leaders Shannon 10 ITS Application Services
Munson Michael K 10 ITS Video Services
Plummer Frank H 10 ITS Telecommunications
Sangimino Steven J 10 ITS Customer Support Serv
Bohlsen Mark D 15 ITS Network/Technical Ser
Diers Melissa Ann 15 ITS Learning Env/Internet
Dixson Robert L 15 ITS Data Center Operation
McCullough Donna J 15 ITS Data Center Operation
Sanchez Daniel 15 ITS Customer Support Serv
Morgia James 20 ITS Customer Support Serv
Napora Nicholas Paul 20 ITS Telecommunications
Ziskovsky Joseph M 20 ITS Learning Env/Internet
Mommens John M 25 ITS Telecommunications
Moser Daniel L 25 ITS Learning Env/Internet
Holly Yvette A 30 Information Technology Se
Akers Amy N 5 MMI Patient Information O
Bishay Danielle L 5 MMI Genetic Medicine
Bott Cheri R 5 MMI Genetic Medicine
Brock Jennifer L 5 MMI Speech Pathology
Caldwell Kathleen S 5 MMI Genetic Medicine
Chipman Hope E 5 MMI Cytogenetics
Christenson Carla S 5 MMI Occupational Therapy
Ellerbusch Kellie M 5 MMI Administration
Hughes Bethany L 5 MMI Speech Pathology
Kronberg-Haire Jennifer L 5 MMI Physical Therapy
Sedersten Tina M 5 MMI Social Services
Sloan Renee Lisa 5 MMI Cytogenetics
Starks Tyree L 5 MMI Ctr for Ped Feeding D
Svagera Gail L 5 MMI Occupational Therapy
Swait Tracy l 5 MMI Patient Information O
Troudt Renea L 5 MMI Occupational Therapy
Edelbrock Christina M 10 MMI Occupational Therapy
Hackendahl Nicole A 10 MMI Cytogenetics
Nabors Denise E 10 MMI Occupational Therapy
Nipper Melissa K 10 MMI Cytogenetics
Norlin-Giron Nicole 10 MMI Recreation Program
Rush Yvette 10 MMI Cytogenetics
Shank Janelle N 10 MMI Physical Therapy
Brueggemann Jana Michelle 15 MMI Cytogenetics
Cattano Patricia 15 MMI Cytogenetics
Dickson-Matsunami Susan 15 MMI Physical Therapy
Castro Gabriella G 25 MMI Education and Child D
Conover Elizabeth 25 MMI Genetic Medicine
Huston Siri 25 MMI Cytogenetics
Queen Mary Alice 25 MMI Physical Therapy
Zaleski Dianna H 25 MMI Cytogenetics
Kratochvil Rose M 30 MMI Speech Pathology
Bataillon Mary C 35 MMI Education and Child D
Peterson Lola 35 MMI Business Office
Barrett Wattana 10 Comparative Medicine
Choate Deborah J 10 Vice Chancellor for Resea
Larson Theresa L 10 Comparative Medicine
Rolling Alphonso 10 Comparative Medicine
Sauzameda Tonia M 10 Comparative Medicine
Vetter Deborah K 10 Sponsored Programs Admini
Wilkie Linda M 25 Vice Chancellor for Resea
Maiwandi Nasreen Wahab 30 Vice Chancellor for Resea