Student Health

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Student Health

**Please call 402-559-7200 to schedule an appointment to be seen at the Student Health Clinic.** 

Welcome to UNMC Student Health! Our goal is to provide high quality routine healthcare for our students to help them gain the best possible experience while attending UNMC. The Student Health Clinic is operated by the Department of Family Medicine on the campus of UNMC (location and contact information)

The two main functions of Student Health are:

  1. To provide immunization services (and ongoing testing) for new and returning students to stay in compliance with UNMC's immunization policy
  2. To provide high-quality outpatient healthcare at the Student Health Clinic for the UNMC Student Body (for those who pay into Fund B)

Participation in Student Health coverage through Fund B

Fund B is mandated by the Chancellor and is approved by the Board of Regents to support Student Health operations.

All UNMC STUDENTS are automatically enrolled in Student Health Fund B during registration if taking:

  • 7 or more hours as an undergraduate student;
  • 4 or more as a graduate student;
  • 4 or more hours during Summer Sessions (both undergraduate and graduate students)

Part-time students (taking less than 5 hours) and dependents of students are allowed, but not required, to participate in Fund B.

Fund B for Student Health begins at 12:01 a.m. on the first day of the semester for which the premium covers. Fund B coverage ceases for UNMC students at 11:59 p.m. on a student’s termination date, graduation date, or the last day of the semester (for continuing students).

Students NOT ENROLLED in classes during the summer session (June 1 until the first day of classes in the fall), may pay a fee to the Finance Office/Cashier prior to June 1 to utilize the services of the Student Health Outpatient Center.

Questions regarding Student Health Fund B may be directed to the Student Health Coordinator at 402-559-5158.