Student Health

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Schedule an appointment online.

(What types of appointments can be scheduled online?)

Welcome to UNMC Student Health! Our goal is to provide high quality routine healthcare for our students to help them gain the best possible experience while attending UNMC. The Student Health Clinic is operated by the Department of Family Medicine on the campus of UNMC (location and contact information)

The two main functions of Student Health are:

  1. To provide high-quality outpatient healthcare
  2. To provide annual  testing for Tuberculosis and flu vaccinations for students to stay in compliance with UNMC's immunization policy

The services provided by Student Health are paid for by Fund B. Get more information on Fund B and understand what services are covered.

Online Scheduling

Online scheduling in the Omaha Student Health Clinic now available to UNMC-Omaha campus students!  You can still make an appointment by calling the designated Student Health Clinic phone line at 402-559-7204. You will be asked when scheduling online to enter in all the required information or log into MyChart. If you are unable to do this, or wish not to, you can always call 402-559-7204 to speak with someone to schedule an appointment.

Online appointments ARE for the following:

  • Same day illnesses or if you have felt ill for several days and would like to be seen

Online appointments ARE NOT for the following:

  • Yearly health-maintenance or physical exams. To schedule one, please call 402-559-7204.
  • All vaccinations and annual screenings. To schedule these, please call 402-559-7204.