Covered Services

Student Health Fund B Routine Covered Services

Office visits (for students paying Fund B) in the Student Health Clinic include:

  • Treatment of trauma and disease
  • In-clinic lab tests: glucose, hemocult, hemoglobin, KOH/wet prep, monospot, urine pregnancy test, rapid strep test, urinalysis with or without micro
  • In-clinic testing/treatment: ear irrigation, EKG, complete inhalation treatment, oximetry, peak flow, noninvasive wart destruction, noninvasive skin tag removal, spirometry, tympanogram
  • Contraceptive counseling, health education (all forms of contraception excluded)
  • Comprehensive confidential counseling services (academic, career, interpersonal, couples, and psychological) are provided free of charge in the Counseling and Student Development Center (Bennett Hall 6001, phone: 559-7276). With a required referral from Dr. Carver in the Counseling Center, students may see a designated consulting psychiatrist in the UNMC Department of Psychiatry for up to 8 visits per year with a $20 copay per visit.
  • Eye exam annually with referral from Student Health (corrective lenses and associated fitting fees excluded)
  • Physical therapy/pain management (consult and 2 visit per injury with referral)
  • Annual physicals to include chlamydia (87491), gonorrhea (87591), cytopathology (88142). An annual physical is a visit with a health care provider during which:
    • You and the provider identify risk factors for illnesses in your personal and family health histories
    • The provider performs a focused exam, as appropriate
    • The provider encourages you to choose healthy lifestyles
    • Your immunizations are updated
    • You establish and maintain a relationship with the health care provider
    • You are administered health screenings that may include high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, as well as a pap smear (if within recommended guidelines) 
      • A pap smear is a screening tool used to detect cervical cancer in women. U. S. Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) recommends screening for cervical cancer in women ages 21-65 years old every 3 years or for women ages 30-65 years who want to lengthen the screening interval, screening with a combination of cytology and human papillomavirus (HPV) testing every 5 years. The USPSTF does not recommend screening for cervical cancers in women younger than 21 years.  
    • This annual physical can occur during an office visit devoted to health maintenance. Please let the scheduler know you are a UNMC student making an appointment for your annual physical.
    • Please call 402-559-5158 with any further questions regarding what your annual physical covers.