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Sound bites

Quan Dong Nguyen, M.D., chairman of the UNMC Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, McGaw Memorial Endowed Professor and director of the Stanley M. Truhlsen Eye Institute.

  • “World leader” (10 seconds)
    “The Truhlsen Eye Institute enables the University of Nebraska Medical Center to become a world leader in clinical care, research and education.”
  • “State-of-the-art facility” (13 seconds)
    “The institute bestows upon us an unparalleled and unprecedented opportunity to combine over 10 ophthalmic subspecialty services together in a state-of-the-art facility.”
  • “Outstanding faculty and dedicated staff” (13 seconds)
    “Our outstanding faculty and along with our dedicated staff will certainly flourish in this amazing establishment and they will have every resource available to treat patients of all ages and diseases.”
  • “Recruiting new faculty” (15 seconds)
    “The institute will also provide an advanced facility that allow all of us to recruit new faculty who will provide the citizens of Omaha and of Nebraska with the best possible care for eye diseases.”

Diana V. Do, M.D., a retina surgeon who serves as vice chair for education and director of the department’s residency training program.

  • “Novel therapies” (9 seconds)
    “We can now offer the latest novel therapies in both retinal diseases and anterior segments disorders to all patients.”
  • “Rapid expansion in eye research” (13 seconds)
    “The Carl Camras Clinical Research Center at the Truhlsen Eye Institute will allow for rapid expansion in eye research and will triple UNMC’s clinical research study volume."

Stanley M. Truhlsen, M.D., a legendary Omaha ophthalmologist who has been affiliated with UNMC for more than 40 years and made the lead gift on the facility.

  • “Increase in clinical research” (22 seconds)
    “With the new research building we’ll be able to increase clinical research. We’ll have an adjacent surgical pavilion which we’ll be able to do our surgery right there. It will be very rewarding for our teaching staff, as well as our resident staff to go into this shiny new bldg and carry on their mission.”
  • “Great future” (6 seconds)
    “We’re looking forward to a great future for the eye institute and University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine.”

Bradley Britigan, M.D., dean, UNMC College of Medicine.

  • “State-of-the-art facility” (12 seconds)
    “It basically will provide absolutely state-of-the-art facilities for initial diagnosis and treatment of patients with a whole different array of eye diseases.”
  • “Recruit new faculty” (18 seconds)
    “We will now have the facilities to recruit a number of new faculty to expand our existing specialty expertise and develop new areas of expertise that we’ve not been able to do to this point because of limited amount of space.” 
  • “Ophthalmology is constantly expanding” (24 seconds)
    “Ophthalmology is a constantly expanding area. Much of it is limited by the ability to have the appropriate technology and space to house that technology and for groups to kind of interact. So whether it be advances in new retinal techniques, cataract surgery, etc., there is a whole host of new opportunities that this building makes available to us.”