Neural Stem Cell Biology and Application

Generation of cellular diversity is central to the development, structure and function of the central nervous system (CNS). Underlying this process is a population of cells which are multipotential and self renew (the neural stem cells) that generate stage- and site-specifics neurons and glia. Therefore, understanding the biology of neural stem cells holds the key to mechanisms that regulate neural development and stem cell based approaches to treat neurodegeneration. Given the complexity and cellular heterogeneity of the CNS, we are studying the regulation of neural stem cells in an accessible and proven model of the CNS, the mammalian (rodent) retina.

There are two major research objectives of our lab. First to understand the regulation of neural stem cells in terms of their proliferation, state of commitment and differentiation (biology). Second, to utilize information arising from these studies to understand and treat the process of degenerative changes, particularly in the retina (application).