Teledentistry Consults

To schedule:

If you are interested in scheduling a teledentistry consultation with one of the COD Teledentistry faculty, please contact Ashley Merritt at 402-472-1116 or have patient information, patient health history, and patient insurance information available.

To conduct a consultation:

Please find a recommended preparation sheet for teledentistry consultations here. 

To bill:

To bill Medicaid for teledentistry services, for Medicaid eligible patients, you must be a teledentistry approved Medicaid provider. To become a Medicaid telehealth provider, please contact Margaret Booth at 402-471-1649 or Please see Medicaid billing for more information: Telehealth services are paid at the same rate as a face-to-face service and include the total component for the service. Transmission fees are paid at $0.08/minute.