Tom G. Gound, D.D.S., M.S.

Tom G. Gound, D.D.S., M.S.

Title: Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Endodontics
Department of Surgical Specialties

Room: 160G
UNMC College of Dentistry
40th and Holdrege
Box 830740
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740

Telephone: (402) 472-1320
Fax: (402) 472-5290


  • Predentistry University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa
  • D.D.S. University of Iowa Iowa City, Iowa
  • M.S. in Special Studies Endodontics

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Endodontics 607
  • Endodontics 696
  • Director Graduate Endodontics

Research Interests:

  • Product testing of endodontic equipment and materials
  • Immunoregulation of external and internal root resorption

Recent Publications:

  • Gound, T.G., Sather, J.P., Kong, T.S., Makkawy, H.A., Marx D.B. Graduating dental students' ability to produce quality root canal fillings using single- or multiple-cone obturation techniques. J Dent Educ 2009 Jun;73(6):696-705.
  • Laird, B.S., Hermsen, M.S., Gound, T.G., Al Salleeh, F., Byarlay, M.R., Vogt, M., Marx, D.B. Incidence of endodontic implantitis and implant endodontitis occurring with single-tooth implants: a retrospective study. J Endod 2008;34:1316-1324.
  • Gound T.G. and Maze G.I. Treatment Options for the Radicular Lingual Groove: A Review and Discussion. Prac Periodon and Aesth Dent 1998; 10:369-375.
  • Gound T.G. Dens Invaginatus - A Pathway to Pulpal Pathology: A Literature Review. Prac Periodon and Aesth Dent 1997; 8:585-596.
  • O'Neal, K., Gound, T.G., and Cohen, D. Pre-eruptive Idiopathic Coronal Resorption: A Case Report. J Endodon 1997; 23:58-59.