Eric Y.K. Fung, Ph.D.

Eric Y.K. Fung, Ph.D.

Dr. Eric FungTitle: Professor
Department of Oral Biology

UNMC College of Dentistry
40th and Holdrege
Room 1121
Lincoln, NE 68583-0740

Telephone: (402) 472-6816
Fax: (402) 472-2551


  • B.S. (Chemistry), University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
  • Ph.D. (Pharmacology), The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Teaching Responsibilities:

  • Course Director, Introduction to Pharmacology (OB 401)
  • Course Instructor, A Review of Biomedical/Dental Sciences (OB 471)
  • Course Instructor, General Pharmacology (OB 639)
  • Course Instructor, Oral Pharmacology (OB 653)
  • Course Director, Advanced Dental Pharmacology (OBIO 862)

Research Interests:

  • Effects of nicotine on bone-growth, remodeling and hormonal changes
  • Release of bisphenol A from dental sealants


  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society, "Role of IL-12 gene expression in virus-induced encephalomyelitis." Principal Investigator: Tom Petro, Co-investigator: E. Fung. $209,708. 10/1/02 - 9/1/05.
  • NIH, "Activation of NF-kBin Glial Cells and CNS of EAE," Principal Investigator: K. Pahan; Co-investigator: E. Fung. $1,023,000. 12/1/00 to 11/30/04.

Recent Publications:

  • Lange, B.M., Fung, Eric Y.K., and Dunning, D.G. Suicide rate in dental profession: Fact or myth and coping strategies. Dental Hypothesis 3(4):164-168, 2012.
  • McFarland, K.K. and Fung, E.Y.K. Role of dental hygienists in managing chemical-dependent patients. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene 9(4):76-81, 2011.
  • Eric Y.K. Fung and B.M. Lange. Impact of drug abuse/dependence on dentists. General Dentistry 59(5):356-359, 2011.
  • McFarland, K.K. and Fung, E.Y.K. The complexity of addiction. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene 9(4):76-81, 2011.
  • McFarland, K.K. and Fung, E.Y.K. Enalapril-induced angioedema: A dental concern. General Dentistry 59(2):148-150, 2011.
  • Fung, E.Y.K. and Giannini, P.J. Implications of drug dependence on dental practice management. General Dentistry 58(3):236-241, 2010.
  • Saha, R.N., Ghosh, A., Palencia, C.A., Fung, Y.K., Dudek, S.M., and Pahan, K. TNF-α preconditioning protects neurons via neuron-specific up-regulation of CREB-binding protein. J of Immunology 183:2068-2078, 2009.
  • Roy, A., Jana, A., Yatish, K., Freidt, M.B., Fung, Y.K., Martinson, J.A., and Pahan. K. Reactive oxygen species up-regulate CD11b in microglia via nitric oxide: Implications for neurodegenerative diseases. Free Rad Bio Med 45:686-699, 2008.
  • Brahmachari, S., Fung, Y.K., and Pahan, K. Induction of glial fibrillary acidic protein expression in astrocytes by nitric oxide. J Neuroscience 26(18):4930-4939, 2006.
  • Roy, A., Fung, Y.K., Liu, X., and Pahan, K. Up-regulation of microglial CD11b expression by nitric oxide. J Biol Chem 281(21):14971-80, May 26, 2006. Epub 2006 Mar 20. PMID 16551637 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]
  • Dasgupta, S., Jana, M., Zhou, Y., Fung, Y.K., Ghosh, S., and Pahan, K. Antineuroinflammatory effect of NF-κB essential modifier-binding domain peptides in the adoptive transfer model of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis. J of Immunology 173:1344-1354, 2004.
  • Palmatier, M.I., Fung, E.Y.K., and Bevins, R.A. Effects of chronic caffeine pre-exposure on the conditioned and unconditioned psychomotor activity induced by nicotine and amphetamine in rats. Behavioral Pharmacology 14:191-198, 2003.
  • Iwaniec, U.T., Haynatzki, G.R., Fung, Y.K., Akhter, M.P., Haven, M.C., and Cullen, D.M. Effects of nicotine on bone and calciotropic hormones in aged ovariectomized rats. J Musculoskel Neuron Interact 2(5):469-478, 2002.

Service Activity:

  • Consultant, American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs