Campus Pack

Campus Pack is a BHECN sponsored social environment using social networking tools, such as wikis, blogs, and podcasts built into a secure online setting. Using any internet connection within the state of Nebraska, Campus Pack gives every authorized student, regardless of profession, a personal online home page while connecting to a social networking environment geared to learning interprofessional behavioral mental health skills. Campus Pack enhances students' interprofessional learning experiences by engaging them in interactive collaborative activities using some of the latest social networking tools. The site supports social networking tools student often use in their personal lives but are built into learning interprofessional behavioral health learning environments. Click here to enter Campus Pack.

Wikis allow students to work together to build behavioral health knowledge bases, develop evidence based research, write treatment papers, and present case conference projects.

Blogs give students an interprofessional audience for their professional writing, encouraging thoughtfulness and clarity, enabling interprofessional learning through online discussion, peer modeling, and review.

Journals engage students in reflective writing on clinical experiences, tracking personal progress over time.

Podcasts facilitate on the go learning and can be used to disseminate research reports, faculty lectures, and video \ audio case reviews. Podcast episodes can be posted by both instructors and students, and threaded commenting allows students to discuss the real life behavioral health issues.

Campus Pack's unique assessment tools give instructors insight into students' individual learning process and personal contributions to the group's collaborative efforts. Settings by the course managers allows instructors flexibility in defining who can participate in a given course site.

  • Develop student-generated knowledge repositories
  • Increase the visibility of students' work and facilitate peer review
  • Provide unique assessment features
  • Engage students with the social networking tools
  • Create collaborative