BHECN Mission

BHECN Mission

MISSION: To enhance the behavioral health of the people of Nebraska by improving the numbers, accessibility and competence of the Nebraska Behavioral Health Workforce through the collaboration of academic institutions, providers, governmental agencies and the community.

The Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska (BHECN) was established in July of 2009 in response to a directive handed down from the Nebraska Legislature to reform the state's behavioral health educational system. BHECN was given the urgent charge of developing the education and training of the state-wide behavioral health care workforce to meet the needs of all Nebraskans through a new, inter-disciplinary behavioral healthcare educational model. Today, the BHECN organization is an evolving, collaborative effort that spans professions and partners, linking institutions and traversing distance across a continuum of services.

The legislative mandate (LB 603) made it paramount that BHECN move forward decisively and swiftly in developing a workable, efficient plan and infrastructure to address the critical shortage of trained behavioral health providers, particularly in rural and other underserved areas, across Nebraska. In order to do this, BHECN is collaborating with the six behavioral healthcare regions that cover all of Nebraska.

BHECN — A Beacon of Hope for Behavioral Health Education in Nebraska.