Recovery Stories

Walk a mile in their shoes.

Nothing is as moving, as uplifting. Hear from someone who lived the journey.

BHECN is expanding its roster of Nebraskans willing to share their personal stories of illness, trauma and recovery. Their profiles will be added to this page.


Jeri Schaben

   Jeri has been living with Bipolar Disorder for more than 30 years. Her heartfelt story starts in 1979 when she experienced her first depression. She takes the audience through her manic episodes, each time finding recovery and strength to endure the next occurrence.

Time: 10 min to 1 Hour

Kim Carpenter

   Kim has lived experience of addiction, depression and posttraumatic stress disorder. She talks about the connections between trauma and substance use disorder and her 10 years of recovery, uncovery, discovery and hope. She also discusses her experiences with trauma-informed service provision and the importance of person, centered, holistic healing within treatment.

Time: 10 min to 1 Hour

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