Statewide Impact

UNMC’s impact on Nebraska is immense. Our presence extends to each region of the state, as we bring the latest breakthroughs to all citizens, from the smallest communities to the largest cities.

Our determination to solve challenging problems and bring the best care to Nebraskans is evident in our work, such as the College of Nursing’s resolve to address the nursing shortage and the Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center’s unique program to provide clinical trials to cancer patients right in their hometown.

We train some of the best and brightest to fill vital health care jobs in all parts of Nebraska, joining other proud alumni who bring their expertise and caring attitude to the communities they serve.

And, along with our hospital partner, UNMC has a $3.2 billion economic impact annually on Nebraska. Over the past decade, our research growth alone has added 2,500 jobs to the area economy. Because of our medical scientists’ ingenuity and perseverance, Nebraskans are the first to receive cutting-edge treatments.