Friends of the Library

"The Friends of the McGoogan Library are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the level of services for all of our users, understanding that, without supplemental funds, even the basics are difficult to sustain."

-----Leon S. McGoogan, M.D. (1900-1993) 

What it means to be a Friend

Friends of the McGoogan Library of Medicine share a belief that the library is the heart of the educational, research and clinical accomplishments at the University of Nebraska Medical Center.  Started as an informal group in 1979 by Dr. Leon S. McGoogan, whose generous spirit was matched only by his commitment to excellence, the Friends group provides the extra support required to keep up with the complex demands on the library. 

The Friends come from all walks of life, from current and former UNMC students, faculty, and staff, to citizens who all believe that educating tomorrow's health professionals, conducting research that leads to medical discoveries, and providing quality health care throughout the region depend on the resources available only at a premier medical library. 

Other Friends include corporations, trusts and foundations whose members agree that the electronic revolution has changed medicine, and thus the library's role in the community of its customers. 

Who benefits from the Friends 

  • Students of medicine, pharmacy, nursing and other health sciences.
    Gifts from Friends helped upgrade the interactive learning center, which fills the educational gap between the classroom and the patient.  
  • Researchers at UNMC
    By enhancing the library's computer system, Friends helped streamline access to resources that contribute to major advancements in medicine. 
  • Physicians and other clinicians
    Friends' donations have led to increasingly easy access to the latest research in medicine by all the Nebraska's health professionals. 
  • Citizens of Nebraska--and elsewhere
    The McGoogan Library of Medicine is a national leader in providing health information to patients and health consumers. 

Become a friend.

March 2014