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$10 million grant will support Staphylococcus study

Ken Bayles, Ph.D., and his team will focus on biofilms produced by Staphylococcus aureus.

Research may improve diagnosis of pediatric tumors

UNMC's Jennifer Sanmann, Ph.D., winner of the Gladys Pearson Grant, hopes improved diagnostics will enhance treatment.

Federal grant supports robotic surgery research

U.S. Army grant for $1.4 million will support telesurgery research work of UNMC's Dmitry Oleynikov, M.D., and UNL's Shane Farritor, Ph.D.

Athena Ramos is Gold U Winner for July

Program coordinator for the Center for Reducing Health Disparities is known for her teamwork and leadership.

In concert with The Nebraska Medical Center and other clinical partners, UNMC uses the latest research breakthroughs to improve patient outcomes.

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